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Linus, a.k.a. ÖGLI Founder & FullStack Developer
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I am the founder of and a fullstack developer at ögli{codes}. At the age of 13, I first got involved with software development, after my uncle David – who happened to have a phd in computer science – and I came up with the idea of making a digital version of a board game he had crafted as a child.

Initially, I started out managing the project: David as Lead Developer, a good friend of mine, Franz, as Sound Designer, and my then-best-friend Max as UI Designer. Soon, I realized we needed more development power and thus, I began learning Objective-C. Shortly after its launch, I was excited to switch over to Swift, which soon became my favorite language.

With the new skillset of mine, I started developing apps for companies, such as CONVELA GmbH (conVela Trade GmbH at the time) and Aktion Lichtpunkt. You can check out the first apps I wrote as a freelance developer on the AppStore.

I was keen to learn web development, as iOS apps naturally only target a relatively small audience. With React.js, I had a fairly easy transition into web development, as JS is pretty close to Swift, at least syntax-wise.

Recently, the Vapor framework caught my attention, which took the Open Sourced Swift language and made it available for server-sided development. That allowed me to quickly get into backend development, without having to refresh my PHP knowledge - exciting!

Hier investiert Europa!

Unser Projekt WikiSpaces 3D wird unterstützt durch das Land Sachsen-Anhalt und Europa. WikiSpaces 3D wird eine öffentliche, plattform- und systemübergreifende Datenbank virtueller dreidimensionaler Räume, Orte und Objekte mit dazugehörigen Metainformationen zur Bildung der Nutzer und Wiederverwendung in Apps und Web-Angeboten.
WikiSpaces 3D wird im Projektzeitraum seit dem 17. Mai 2019 bis zum 14. April 2021 entwickelt. Bald mehr dazu.

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